1. What are skins and how are they different from cases?

Skins are a very thin layer of wood stuck to the back of the phone, to give makeover to mobiles by adding aesthetic value to the phone. They do not cover the edges of the phone and protect the back of phone from minor scratches. while a case might give protection from drops.

2. How thick are these wooden skins?

Skins are between 0.40 mm / 400 microns/ 0.016” thick and 0.60 mm/ 600 microns/ 0.024”

3.Does the skin protect the iPhone?

The skins are for adding the aesthetics to your iPhone and not for protection of the iPhone from major impacts or drops, however they protect the surface of the back from surface scratches in day to day usage.

4. How will skin wear overtime?

The skin wears naturally as any oil coated wood furniture. This wooden skin is not coated with any chemical to completely seal it, so the oils for the hand polish the wood while using case.

5. Does the skin seem like the Photograph?

We try our best to photograph the color and grain of the wood accurately, but it is impossible for us to show the color and grain for all the wood species. Each and every skin is unique and no two skins made even from the same timber log are same, that makes each and every skin one of it kind.

6. Do you offer custom laser engraving?

Yes, we do offer custom laser engraving, Please write to us on our email and we would love to etch your design on the skin.

7. Do your skins come with a protection for glass and front?

No, we do not offer any kind of skin to the front of the phone.


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