About Us

We at Impresso are very passionate towards product design on flexible and printable wood with a combination of Craftsmanship and utilization of Technology. We manufacture these products which are tailor made to meet the requirements of our customers. Though we also manufacture and love wood, we at the same time make products with paper as well.

Our love and admiration towards environment elevates our respect towards wood which is renewable, durable and more importantly pleasant to your senses. We are a dedicated team that is working towards a mass adoption of wooden products in our day to day life. Wood has a very low carbon foot print compared to both plastic and paper. Paper requires 4 times the wood to have the same size & thickness, and it has to go through a chemical treatment & bleaching’s process to get the desired white colour. Impresso is dedicated to bringing life to modern everyday lifestyle products with a touch of natural materials. 

Note: More on the Team & Journey in a couple of Day's.